Refresh – Of my Instagram wall.

Hey folks, hope you guys are doing great.. ๐Ÿ™‚

I was just going through my instagram wall and like every one, even I refreshed on my insta wall to see through new posts. Every time I did, I was getting new posts on my wall again and again.


So? what’s the point?
(Everyone knows that when you refresh your feed, you get to see new posts)

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Is Forever, Really Forever?

One line Story – #2

Departed forever from you, "Is forever, really forever?"

This one liner story struck my mind when one of my blogger friend thegenxtravels commented on my previous one line story and said “if forever, is really forever?”

Sometimes just one line is sufficient to spill out an entire story for you. That’s the amazing power words have in them.

So what’s your thought on this? “Can forever, really be forever?” ๐Ÿ™ƒ

Yes? No? Please feel free to share your views in the comments section below.
Happy Reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

P.s – All the one liner stories are truly fictional.

Thank you!

1,000 Followers! Thank you!

Well, I will be celebrating 2 years anniversary of this blog in a month for now. But, in this span of almost 2 years, I have been having lots and lots of break ups and link ups with my blog every now and then.

(Because, whenever I would try and spend a lot of time on this blog of mine. I would end up having a break up with it within no time for some or the other practical difficulties/situations)

But, you guys have never failed to surprise me by backing me every-time I decided to turn back and link up with my blog. You guys were always there for me and my blog.

Ever supportive and ever encouraging to keep me doing what made me happy and helping me being in never ending relation with my blog till this very date.

Thank you all! Thank you so much for your reads, likes, comments and re-blogs. I have always loved to hear from you all.

You guys must have seen me replying back to most of your comments on my blog posts as “Thank you so much for stopping by and it means a lot to me”. Well, every time I said this, trust me. I really meant it. I really did and will always do.

I would just like to reminisce my memory down the lane, to the time when I just begun to blog. I had no clue if there would be anyone at-least who will stop by and read what I write for even once.

But, today here I am. Happier than ever before.

From all those first few likes, comments, follows.. to all the ones which I receive now.. I can’t thank you all enough for making me believe that there is really someone out there who is willing to read my blog and posts from the day I started till now.ย 

Thank you! Thanks a ton!

As I always say and close my posts!
Happy Reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

Why two strangers ever choose to be friends.

Eric and Jennifer!

Eric was a fun loving guy who had made his presence known in the place he was working.
Jennifer was gem of a girl who had just stepped into her professional path by joining her first Job.

He was a very busy guy who would mingle with every other person in the office.
She would always be in a dilemma as to with whom she can speak or not. After lot of repeated conversations with Eric, she knew that he would be the go to guy on whom she can count on in this new world!

As Eric was a Senior and Jennifer was a Junior in same team, things went on very well. For almost a year, they could barely speak in office hours. But as time passed, there came a point where two strangers were no more strangers but turned out to be very best of friends.
(When there is right mixture of thoughts and emotions between any two individualsย then they eventually turn out to be best of friends irrespective of how many times you speak or not. Then along with it, its share of expectations, disappointments will follow too..) Continue reading

Shepherd of my soul.

Just like any other Sunday morning, I had been to Church last Sunday along with my sister at 10.00 am.

Had plan of attending a church with my cousin at 9.30 am
(as plan was to be at his house by 9 am and then leave to church)

As we woke up a bit late, by the time we got ready it was 8.40 am
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Traffic Chaos.

Super excited. Super enthusiastic. Super energetic.

With lots of hope and lots of goals in mind. Started a new phase of my life in this beautiful city of silicon valley which fulfills the dreams of thousands of people coming to make there living from every corner of our country India.

Managed to rent a beautiful house surrounded with absolute stunning greenery, which helps me wake up to the most soothing sound, birds chirping through my rooms window.

Start of the day was so much more spot on, as everything was working as expected for me.

Amidst all these happy stuffs happening with me.

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Hey folks..

It’s quite common among all the working men and women these days.. – “Monday Sickness”

Yes, it’s true. It’s really not easy to get back to work after a break of 2 days right?

I infact had read on T-shirt too which described the frustration level about a Monday.

“If Monday had a face, I would punch it hard” ๐Ÿ˜

Well, its very normal right. We all go through this phase.

Today’s topic of Motivational Monday series is –

How often do we find excuses to settle with the situations and make excuses to stay year after year in the same place and circumstances as we were a few years ago too.

Why not look into few personalities today who have accomplished way too much in their lives already.

We have heard a lot of these stories where people have grown from rags to riches.

To name few.

  • Oprah Winfrey – First African American TV correspondent in US.

  • WhatsApp founder Jan Koum – Once swept local stores for survival when he accompanied his mother at the age of 16 in California.

  • Howard Schultz – Founder of Starbucks coffee chain.

  • Lakshmi Mittal Steel Tycoon – Born to a poor family in Rajasthan (India) now runs the world’s largest steel making organization.

  • Ralph Lauren once worked as a clerk at Brooks Brothers – Started Polo brand in 1968.

Any thought on why and how they were able to achieve these heights in their lives even after coming from such a poor background?

It’s quite simple.

They just did not want to settle up where they started. Instead, they wanted to break their barriers and move up in their lives by not having any excuses stop them from achieving what they wanted to and how they wanted to live their lives a few years down the lane.

Results are right there. They did it.

They didn’t allow any excuse stop them from achieving what they wanted to right?

If they can. Then why can’t you or me achieve it?

All it needs is that one step of faith in believing yourself.

Stop giving excuses. Move forward to achieve new heights and breakthrough your difficult times to see the outburst of beautiful new phase of your life.

Hope this article was able to stir up your faith in yourself to break the barriers and grow up in your live by overcoming every situation your in right now.

Happy Reading โค๏ธ

Disclaimer: Names in the above article are taken from Business Insider article –

21 billionaires who grew up poor

Please feel free to like, share and drop your feedback if you liked it or not, in the comments section below. Would love to hear from you all. Thanks for reading it till the end. ๐Ÿ˜Š


Hey folks..

Wondering what could be the reason behind this title of Motivational Monday article?

Well, all my fellow Indian bloggers would surely know about this famous sweet dish.

To every other fellow blogger friends who do not know. It is one of its kind, mouth watering and relishing sweet dish.

Of which, I can guarantee you that no two piece of Jalebi can ever be same.

Let me just walk you through a quick conversation today between two Jalebi’s (Happy & Sweety).

Happy: Hey.. I am Happy. May I know your name?

Sweety: Hey Happy.. I am Sweety.

Happy: That’s a very nice name. I just now landed on this earth. Our creator just created me by squeezing me, soaking me and then finally fried me in a burning heat vessel of oil and left me on this plate and said live your life.

Sweety: Nice to know that. You know, that’s how even I landed on this plate just a while ago.

Happy: Why do you think we have to go through all of these soaking, squeezing and frying process before we are let to live on this plate?

Sweety: Well, according to me that’s the whole reason why you are so sweet today.

If not for all that what our creator did for you and me. Then, we would be tasteless. And had no value at all..

Happy: Hmm.. I agreee. That’s so true.

Happy: Hey sweety, listen. As we know, we have a very short life span on this plate.

I want to really enjoy and spend every minute we have to the fullest. Can we be with each other for the rest our life and spread sweetness through our living? Just the way we do even after we die?

Sweety: Why not? We can definitely do that. In fact I feel everyone of us on this earth should be exactly doing what you just said.

(It was roughly an hour to this conversation between Happy and Sweety and it ended when they both got burried into the mouth of a foodie)

They did exactly what they thought of and spread the sweetness through out their existence with every other Jalebis they met.

If you notice something from this conversation above.

It was nearly an hour they got to live in their tiny world. And within such a short span. They created this beautiful awareness of being sweet and spreading sweetness in and around them. Just the way they do even after they die.

Well, all this while this is what I meant when I said about Jalebis, Creator, Plate and all of it.

Jalebi – Any human being it could be you or me.

Creator – Our Lord almighty. Who created us on this earth.

Squeezing, Soaking and Frying – Every rough patch in our life. We. Get squeezed by loads of Burden. Get soaked with Tensions. Get fried with the Situations.

Plate – Place we live our day-to-day life.

Whole moto of this story was to make each one of us realize that there will be burdens, there will be tensions and there will be situations that can break us down or even shatter us to the extent that we barely think if we can even live our life happily?

But, here is the catch.

Just like, no two Jalebis can ever be of same shape none of us in this world are same.

We all have our piece of troubles and situations. But just like Happy and Sweety, even after being soaked, squeezed and fried. If we can even think to spread sweetness and happiness in the place we live. It will never go in vain.

The moments of sweetness we share with every other person. Will always remain and be a boon to us. Which will in turn help us lead a peaceful and happy life.

Just like these Jalebis, irrespective of any shape they are in they will always succeed in being sweet no matter what.

So those moments of sweetness you spread when you live will remain with others even after you leave this world forever as sweet memories.

Happy Jalebi Reading โค๏ธ

Please do let me know your thoughts on this? Let me know if you liked it? If yes, please do share with every friend of yours and don’t forget to like and eave your comments below ๐Ÿ˜Š

Disclaimer: Everything said above is purely based on my thoughts and nothing personal. Names considered are fictional and not concerning to anyone in real. Photo Courtesy – Pixabay.